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Since 1947 our company has always worked under the respect of the handcrafted work, making religious items like: standards and processional canopies, vestments, labarums for associations, banners, gonfalons for municipalities and confraternities, pennants and parchments for award ceremonies or merits.

In our laboratories we have a skilled staff which makes works according to the request of the customer , with precious embroideries.

In our shop in Parma we have an extended selection of items for Churches, flags of all the Countries and whether it is possible, we can supply the items in brief times.

For all your requests, contact us and we will suggest you about the most affordable purchase.


FAPS was born in 1947 and it was founded by Lamberto Orcesi who belonged to a renown family of merchants from Parma. They worked in the religious sector since 1930, in the firm Agenzia Ecclesiastica Parmense.

In the first years their employments occoured at the house of the family in a suburb near the central square in the old town centre of Parma. After many years, it happened the first transfer in a shop, in Via Nazario Sauro.

In the last 30 years the firm’s denomination suffered many changes due to the old age of the members. From “FAPS of Orcesi Lamberto & C. s.n.c.” to “FAPS of Tamburini Umberto & C. s.n.c.” and since 1995 “FAPS of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c.” with three partners.

In 2012 happened the last transfer of the shop. Now you can find it in Via Trieste, not in the old town centre, but in the first periphery, which is accessibile by bus or car.

For the two remaining partners, who began again with enthusiasm, it was an act of courage, above all for the hard economic situation.

This is the brief but long story of FAPS, that has always had in its DNA a deep respect towards its customers and a deep availability to promptly grant your requests.

Our team

Our team