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Statue of Mother Theresa of resin, 25 cm, handmade in Italy

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Full resin statue, printed and hand perfected by skilled artisans, who delete the imperfections. When the statue is perfectly smoothed it is carried to the coloring section, where it is hand painted with indelible varnishes, according to the classical iconography. The resini s a plastic material, which is solid thanks to hardener substances. It is resistant to the atmospheric agents. The difference with the fiberglass is that it does not contain the fiber.


She was born on the 26th of August 1910 in Skopjie in the Republic of Macedonia. She died on the 5th of September 1997 in Kolkata 

In 1979 she won the Nobel Peace Prize and on the 19th of October 2003 she was proclaimed Consecreted by Pope John Paul II.

She founded the Order of the Missionaries Charity that spread  between 1970 and 1990         thank to Pope Paul VI.

The Missionaries Charity, inspired by the teaching of  Saint Francis of Assisi, took care of the improvement of the conditions of the slum dwellers of Kolkata, the poorer and degraded neighborhoods of the city, within which Mother Teresa lived in close contact with the community.

In particular, we need to remember the commitment towards lepers, for wich she made the village of “Shanti Nagar” (City of Peace) within which they could work and receive all the necessary care, so that it was guaranteed to them a life away from marginalization.


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Statue of Mother Theresa of resin, 25 cm, handmade in Italy

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