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Statue of St. Barbara of resin, 35 cm, handmade in Italy

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Time of realization about 20/30 days

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Full resin statue, printed and hand perfected by skilled artisans, who delete the imperfections. When the statue is perfectly smoothed it is carried to the coloring section, where it is hand painted with indelible varnishes, according to the classical iconography. The resini s a plastic material, which is solid thanks to hardener substances. It is resistant to the atmospheric agents. The difference with the fiberglass is that it does not contain the fiber.


Saint Barbara virgin and martyr. She is commemorated on the 4th of December.

In the X century Metafraste narrated that Barbara’s father closed her in a tower and killed her because she professed the Christianity , but he was killed from a lightning.

Probably this fact happened in Nicomedia, but the legend seems to be totally false.

She is the Patron Saint of the artillerymen, of the casters, of the firework’s producers, of the fortification and of the firefighters.

In the classic iconography she is illustrated with a tower which is often brushed from the flames and with a palma in hand.


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Statue of St. Barbara of resin, 35 cm, handmade in Italy

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