Exquisite white marble, marbled or bronze cut out of cemetary articles suitable for outside and climatic weather. Vases bring flowers, placards, angels and lamps that are unalterable in time and fine and elegant finishes.

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    The vases and lamps are made of handmade marble powder by Lunigiana expert marmorists. Especially suitable for outdoor use.
    The articles in similmarmo are works particularly suitable for the outdoor environment, manually crafted by skilled craftsmen to reproduce some of the most famous works of Christianity. The Lunigiana marble experts can reproduce famous works of the most prominent artists of the past centuries: one of the most famous is certainly the Michelangelo's Pietà Vaticana, built in 1499 and currently preserved in the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome; In the work, Christ appears lying in the womb to the Virgin with extraordinary naturalness, which none of the previous works had succeeded in reproducing.

    Statues of Our Lady appeared in many European places during the 1900's: in particular the Madonna of Lourdes, Carmine, Fatima, with Jesus the Child and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Each work has different peculiarities: the Miraculous Madonna presents itself with forward-facing hands from which they radiate rays. Madonna of Lourdes, on the other hand, associated with miraculous healing, has now become a symbol of classic iconography. Statues can be requested in different sizes, from 72 to 185 cm.
    The statues of the most important saints in Italy represent San Pio, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Joseph, St. Christopher and St. Lawrence and statues of the Holy Family.

    All the works are Italian and are made of Carrara Cristallino white marble powder from marble craftsmen, with great care of the details: Marble powder is mixed with special binders to give the work a very high resistance to weather and corrosion. Glossy and bronzed white versions are also available on request.