The site has been realized from F.A.P.S. of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c. for the private trade of religious items, holy vestments, flags, accessories and gift items, following the Italian legislation about the distance agreements.

The access to the web site and its use are subject to the subscription to the quoted terms and conditions.

If you use the web site, you declare your agreement to legally respect the conditions and the terms. With the access and the use of the site, the Client accepts to periodically control this pact and to respect its following modifications, which they will be promptly signposted and they will be efficient from the publication on the web site.

The order of the Customer is valid as the acceptance of the sales terms.


The order sent by the Customer through must be completed and it ha sto contain all the essential information to identify the Client, the commissioned items and the place where to deliver them.

F.A.P.S. of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c. will send the confirmation to the Customer. The Client has to control it and communicate possible mistakes; the firm will comunicate the delivery times and the related shipping charges.

F.A.P.S. of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c. riserve the right to accept or refuse the order and to handle it in the fixed times.


The acceptance from F.A.P.S. of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c. of the Client’s orders is subject to the supply of the storehouse.

F.A.P.S. of Folli Claudio & C. s.n.c. engages to communicate to the Customer the unexpected stockout.

The Customer has the right to rescind the contract through a registered mail, without any penalty and reason. It is possible within 10 days from the delivery of the wares and the item must be give back within 15 days. In the registered mail the Custumer has to indicate the product for which he asks the right of retirement.