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Statue of the Dead Jesus, of fiberglass, 165 cm, handmade in Italy.

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Time of realization about 30/40 days

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Fiberglass statue, internally empty and very light. It is suitable to be carried during the processions. The manufacturing is entirely manual. When the two parts are linked, there is the finishing of the statue and it is perfectly smoothed, then the statue goes through the coloring section. The skilled decorators hand paint using particolar varnishes, conforming to the traditional iconography. The fiberglass is a plastic material, very resistant and humidity absorber which is used in many sectors: industry, furnitures, building of boats, airplanes, vehicles, garden swimmingpool etc.


The date when Jesus died is not certain. He probably died at on the 7th of April 30 at 3.00 PM in Golgota, after the terrible suffering of the Passion and Crucifixion.

Joseph from Arimatea, former soldier of the Empire, after authorization of Ponzio Pilato, Governor of Judea, carried him to the sepulcher prepared for him.

On the 9th of April the women went to the sepulchre to pray for him, but they saw that the tomb was empty.

He is usually represented lying on the sheets of the sepulchre with a small drape on his pelvis and with wounds inflicted him during torture.


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Statue of the Dead Jesus, of fiberglass, 165 cm, handmade in Italy.

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