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Statue of Saint Nicholas, 65 cm of fiberglass, handmade in Italy.

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Time of realization about 30/40 days

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Fiberglass statue, internally empty and very light. It is suitable to be carried during the processions. The manufacturing is entirely manual. When the two parts are linked, there is the finishing of the statue and it is perfectly smoothed, then the statue goes through the coloring section. The skilled decorators hand paint using particolar varnishes, conforming to the traditional iconography. The fiberglass is a plastic material, very resistant and humidity absorber which is used in many sectors: industry, furnitures, building of boats, airplanes, vehicles, garden swimmingpool etc.


The bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra is commemorated on the 6th of December.

He died around 350 and he is one of the most popular saint of the Christianity. His cult is principally based on the legenda. We know only that he was bishop of Mira and that his relics were stolen in 1807 by some italian merchants and they are preserved in Bari.

Now a days Nicholas is venerated as the saint patron of the sailors, of the prisoners and especially of the children.

It is narrated that during a trip, pausing in an inn, he discovered that some children were kept with the pickle in a tub. He resuscitated them.

In another story it is told that, when Nicholas came to know about a desperate man who wanted his daughters to whore to obtain a dowry for his family, he intervened and he gave three sacks of golden coins to the man, saving the purity of the three maidens.

In the Middle Age there were many festivities in honor of this saint.

Saint Nicholas is the patron of Bari and Russia.

In the traditional iconography he is illustrated with episcopal clothes, with a tub at his feet with three children, or with a tray containing three sacks or three golden balls.


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Statue of Saint Nicholas, 65 cm of fiberglass, handmade in Italy.

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